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Let me start by saying I'm totally a gloss girl. I luv the pkg. Its weighty, luv that its glass, I peep the lipstick design very clever. This has got one of the most hydrating glosses I've ever used. It goes on smooth and effortless. No base needed, the Doe foot is a good size and I like that the bottle prevents too much from coming out

A. Ross

They smell soooo good ! I love both tube designs. I am definitely getting the pencils when they launch

K. Chimere'

OMG!! I am loving Java....finally the perfect brown girl nude.

Y. Bailey

The consistency is the bomb The smell is amazing! And I love that it last all day. It keeps my lips poppin' poppin'......all day long!

S. Williams

This intense mint lip balm is the AMAZING I have been using it for a week and can see such a big improvement with my lips. The cooling feel is refreshing. I must say the picture does no justice on the size of this balm...wayyy bigger than I thought. IMPRESSIVE!  I will be telling all my friends.

D. Tucker

I was skeptical on the color guinep but honey this shimmer is everything. Thank you. This made me step outside my box. Love it.

F. Simms

I am such a red and pink girl and Azalea gave me the best of both worlds. It did not dry out my lips and is still mask friendly. 

T. White

" I Cannot recommend your products enough.

Azalea is my daily go to for work and Loretta lip gloss No matter what I buy I am always happy. Not to mention that you hand make all your glosses and lipsticks. AMAZING! See you next purchase

Awesome job!"


I feel like I have a personal relationship with your products lol. Which is my fave you ask?

all of them :). Which do I wear the most. That would be Guinep. I love the shimmer because it's not overbearing.

Z. Hendricks

about j. loretta


Imagine as a little girl watching your mother get dressed for a night out. Step by step you study her routine from laying out her clothes down to which sassy pump she would strut in. The feeling of when I grow up I’m going to dress pretty and do my makeup just like mommy. Time and time again and application after application I would always wait for her finishing touch of lipstick. The smile inside and the wow that always came with it is still stamped in my memory. Remembering the different feelings she had with each color before she leaves that mirror and heads out to enjoy her evening. Just the way that last brush of lipstick can set her tone was powerful. I don’t know who was more happy me or her. Remembering the orange like red lipstick was her go to.

Now fast forward and I’m learning to do my own makeup. Learning my rights and wrongs. Now to pick my lip color. Which do I pick? Well what would mommy do? In my head I flashback to that little girl and say what does this color make mommy feel? Vividly remembering that being the last thing mommy did. She was empowered. She was confident. She was beautiful. Now I ask myself if this is color my finishing touch? ABSOLUTELY! I feel EMPOWERED. I feel CONFIDENT . I am SEXY. I look beautiful....I AM BEAUTIFUL JUST LIKE MOMMY!!!

J. Loretta symbolizes beauty, confidence, strength, and most importantly being EVERY WOMAN. No matter what color or kind that finishing touch will always make everything come together. That is the goal with every J. Loretta product.

Thank you Judy Loretta for empowering me to always take pride in my finishing touches. I will continue to work hard to share those same feelings with every product and every person. I love you.